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King machine’s engineer Yang kehong Stay in Nigeria for five months

Yang Kehong is engineer in zhangjiagang king machine , He went to Nigeria to install and commission the machine on June 1th, 2018. It lasted for 5 months and was transferred to 4 cities to serve multiple customers. Machines sold in Nigeria for maintenance. The daily maintenance of the training was approved by the customer, and Yang Kehong returned to China on November 6. Here is a simple tour of Yang Kehong in Nigeria:

June 1st – July 24th, 2018 Location: Owerri
When the engineer Yang Kehong arrived, the floor of the factory was not poured. The engineer assisted the customer to pour the floor and then installed the machine. Since the water and electricity were not in place, the engineer went to the next destination.

July 25th-August 29th, 2018 Location:Kano
Because the customer did not master the skills during unloading, the machine was seriously deformed. After the repair and debugging of the engineer, the machine was running normally.

August 30th – September 12th, 2018 Location: Sokoto
The problem with waiting for engineers here is that the machine will be rearranged. Due to the limitation of the plant area, the current machine layout is unreasonable. Engineer Yang Kehong must re-arrange the machine. Because there is no heavy machine transportation tool in the factory, the engineer thinks that the round steel will be placed under the three-in-one machine, and the method of rolling round steel will be adopted. Put the machine in the right position.

September 13th – September 21st, 2018 Location: Owerri
The engineer returned to Owerri again, at which time the hydropower was in place and the engineer completed the commissioning of the machine efficiently.

September 22nd – November 6th, 2018 Location: Lagos
Here, the engineer teaches the customer how to change the mold, and maintains the previous filling machine, training the workers to ensure that the machine can run at high efficiency and extend the life of the machine.

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