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Auxiliary machinery
  • Full-automatic Single-head Capping Machine

    Full-automatic Single-head Capping Machine Introduction: 1. This full-automatic single-head capping machine is automatic capping machine and control by PLC program, bottles will be fixed by two cylinders and it can automatically arrange ……

  • Automatic-Sticker-Labeling-Machine
    Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine

    Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine Introduction: This automatic sticker labeling machine is suitable for side labeling, especially on the cylindrical, flat, square, rectangular and elliptical bottles you can reference following pic 1an……

  • automatic-screw-capping-machine
    Automatic Screw Capping Machine

    Automatic Screw Capping Machine Description: Automatic screw capping machine is our new developed products based on many inland craft brothers’ working experience and our researches. It is suitable for all different size of PET lids wi……

  • Full-automatic-Vertical-Capping-Machine
    Full-automatic Vertical Capping Machine

    Full-automatic Vertical Capping Machine: Full-automatic Vertical Capping Machine Brief Introduction: This automatic vertical capping machine has four speed-adjustable motors which separately used in lid-arranging, sleeve lid, lid-……

  • automatic-vertical-lid-revolver
    Automatic Vertical Lid-revolver

    Automatic Vertical Lid-revolver Instruction: Full-automatic vertical lid-revolver is specially designed for clean products . The machine’s appearance is artistic and scholar, flexible, quick lid-revolving speed, high conformity rate, i……

  • double-sides-automatic-adhesive-labeling-machine
    Double Sides Automatic Adhesive Labeling Machine

    Double Sides Automatic Adhesive Labeling Machine Main Parameters: Double Sides Automatic Adhesive Labeling Machine Description : Labeler 50 BPM Enlarge Type Machine Model : SL-250 Feeding System : Conveyor + Wheels (Screws option……

  • Corrosive Liquid Packaging Line

    Corrosive liquid packaging line processes bottles less than 1,000ml in voiume with an automatic bottle unscrambler filling machine, rotary capping machine, gluing/self-adhesive labeling machine, the crossive liquid production line is ……

  • Full-automatic Capping Machine

    Type:  FX-6  <Full-automatic Capping Machine> 1.Brief Introduction This automatic inline capping machine is automatic capping machine and control by PLC program, bottles will be fixed by two cylinders and it can automatically arra……

  • Bottle Washing Machine

    Bottle Washing Machine Features 1.Fast bottle washing speed The bottle washing speed of this machine gets to 2000-8000 b/h, which can save more time and labor 2.High working efficiency Bottle Washing Machine uses the frequency……

  • Packaging Machine
    Double Side Adhesive Labeling Machine

    This adhesive labeling machine is economical and easy to operate, equipped with HMI touch screen & PLC Control System. Built in microchip makes the fast and easy adjustment and changeover. This automatic labeling system is ideal for t……

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