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Lubricating Oil Filler Machine

Lubricating Oil Filler Machine Description:
The lubricating oil filler machine used PLC program control, it can feed and count the bottle, auto tare weighing automatically. This lubricating oil filler machine always used for high request of measure, such a lubricating oil, daily chemical, chemical products and high extra value liquid weighing filling machine. The lubricant oil filling machine has high degree of automation, accurate measure. Each filling head has automatic wighting feedback system. Filling volume can be adjusted uniformly or individually to make sure measure are same.Whole machine manufactured according to GWP standard request, all joints uses easy joint ways, easy to disassemble and clean.Material contact surface used 316 stainless steel, other parts are all made of 304. King Machine is Manufacturer and Suppliers in China,and specialized in providing you with lubricating oil filler machine,automatic lubricant filling machine and so on.


Automatic Lubricating Oil Filler Machine Features:
1. This automatic lubricating oil filling equipment adopts PLC and touch screen control panel, so it is convenient to set.
2. Each filling head has the weigh and feedback system, each filling head can be regulated.
3. Photoelectric sensor, approximate switch and other electric elements are of the international famous brands. It ensures no container miss filling. The host machine will alarm if there is any container blocked.
4. It applies dive method to fill and it reduces foam; it is suitable for various kinds of filling products.
5. The whole lubricating oil filler machine meets GMP standard, it is easy to clean and maintain, and the parts which contact with the filling material are made of high quality stainless steel. The whole machine is safe, eco-friendly and sanitary. It adapts to various kinds of working places.

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