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Double Side Adhesive Labeling Machine

This adhesive labeling machine is economical and easy to operate, equipped with HMI touch screen & PLC Control System. Built in microchip makes the fast and easy adjustment and changeover. This automatic labeling system is ideal for the flat and square container.

Packaging Machine

Labeling Machine

Key Features:
1.Double Sides labeling efficiently.
2.Suitable for a wide scope, such as flat, square and rectangle bottle etc.
3.HMI system easy to operation.
4.Variable Speed with stepless motor.
5.Stainless Frame.
6.Stamping Coding Device attached.

Item Name Information
1 Model
2 Speed 50-100 bottles/minutes
3 Bottle size can be customized based on the requirements
4 Dimension(Length×Width×Height) 2200mm×1500mm×1550 mm
5 Weight 450kgs
6 Electrical Power 1kw
7 Voltage 220v 50-60HZ 3phases
Filling Machine

Labeling Machine

Major components of Front & Back Labeling Machine

Model Specification Brand Manufactory
Front & Back Labeling Machine
HMI Touchscreen (DELTA) DELTA Electronic
Signal connecting wire Delta DELTA Electronic
Converter Delta DELTA Electronic
Bottle inspection sensor AUTONICS AUTONICS Company
Label inspection sensor SUNX SUNX Ltd. Japan
Series motor JSCC JSCC Automation LTD
Motor speed control JSCC JSCC Automation LTD
Step motor STEP Step Co.Ltd.
Stainless steel 304 ASI 304
Steel frame Bao Steel in Shanghai
Series axletree Ha Industry

Front and top view

Filling Machine

Labeling Machine

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