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Automatic Linear Type Film Shrink Wrapping Machine With Half Tray

Connection production line→Buffer conveyor→Bottle Arranging→Automatic paper tray feeding→Film wrapping→Package Pressing
→Shrink Wrapping→Cooling Store

1. Bottles from production line will go inside buffer conveyor directly.
2. The buffer part laid them a certain amount bottle, again by grouping the whole column institutions, divided into a need to set packing specifications.
3. Through the automatic and cardboard institutions, will board placed on particular point, through the conveying, make packaging specifications according to the packing combination, placed on the paper board.
4. Then through the transportation mode, set of the membrane, sealing, press materials, shrinkage, cooling forming.

Technology Specification:

No. Model KM-A500
1 Max packing size L600×W400×H350mm
2 Mini packing size L210×W140×H100mm
3 Material of shrink film PE, PVC
4 Thickness of shrink film 0.03-0.15mm  Max width 600mm
5 Highest temperature of the heat shrink furnace 160-260。 (Can adjust freewill)
6 Max Capacity 5 packs/min
7 Packing/Shrinking power consumption 6/22-28 kW
8 Working pressure 0.6-0.8 Mpa
9 Air consumption 0.3m3/min
10 Weight 2000kg
12 Dimension (mm) L10000×W2480×H1950

The Characteristic Of The Equipment:

  1. The optimization of equipment with straight line shape design, beautiful shape, covers an area of reduction.
  2. Equipment subject uses high-quality carbon steel material gives priority to made, in part by South Korea’s Posco stainless steel.
  3. Electrical system adopts imported PLC programmable control, the transmission process uses the import frequency converter, machine operation process using imported touch screen control, make equipment into action control sitzerlan intelligent state, the movements are monitored, all kinds of alarm, PC state are on glass display, make the equipment operation more safe, reliable, and can a single step action, debug and maintenance. Equipment has automatic alarm device set and special protection function, further improve equipment safety and reliability.
  4. Pneumatic components choose Taiwan brand.
  5. Using manipulator to be automatic and cardboard way.
  6. The main electrical components are imported or domestic quality brand.
  7. Traction film feeding: film feeding speed adjust them.
  8. Heat shrinker: the sino-us cooperation with our production fluoro conveying, corrosion resistance, smooth conveying, speed can be adjusted, PLD control, the temperature can be adjusted, the unique hot air processing, make the packaging shrinkage beautiful.

Part VI: Main Parts List:

● OMRON : PLC controlling system.
● WEINVIEW:Touch Screen.
● Taiwan Airtac pneumatic component 1set.
● Taiwan Delta transducer 2set.
● Stainless steel wing heating tube 12pcs.
● China-USA cooperation Teflon conveys belt.
● Shanghai HEMET motor and Zhenjiang Terry worm derailleur.
● South Korea Autonics photoelectrical switch, the approach which.
● Thermo sealing knife aluminum casting heating board, even temperature, long usage life, our company special production.
● Whole machine appearance plastic spray, machine rack adopt to high-quality carbonated steel, main part adopt to stainless steel.
● Wooden case and wrappage film separate package.

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