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Pickles filling machine

Pickles filling machine

Pickles filling machine is designed specially for pickles and preserved vegetables.Pickles filling machine overcomes some problems of custom machine ,like slow packing,large measurement error and bad work environment.Now the bag filling machine is full automatic and can automatically load material,measure and fill.It can pack quickly and fill accurately.Also, this pickle filling machine can be cleaned and repaired easily.Production process avoids the staff in direct contacting with the material and saves labor force.This Pickles filling machine can also provide a good work environment and avoid the pollution.This pickle bag filling machine can improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost.
Application:pickles,sauerkraut,pickled bamboo shoots,flammulina velutipes,dried turnip,ginger slice,mei food,kelp,konjac,pleurotus eryngii ,etc.

Pickles filling machine Work flow:
1. Feed bags 2.print code bags 4.filling&vibration 5. heat-seal 6. output

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