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Oil Filling Machine


Oil Filling Machine Properties And Characteristics:
Oil filling machine can be used for fixed amount small package filling,straight line type filling, metical, electric, apparatus control of all sorts of viscous and no viscous,erosive liquid,such as plant oil chemical,liquid,daily chemical industry.It is rather simple and rapid to change items,the design is quite distinct,the property is Very advantageous,its appearance corresponds to international concept for mechanical equipment.
Oil filling machine has applied SIEMENS PLC computerized control,from Germany.
Oil filling equipment has intellectual,protection function.
Vacuum drop prevention device guarantees there Should be absolutely no drop or leakage during production.

There is a switch for step progressive type supply and continuous supply.It can be Set Optionally.It has applied imported pneumatic control parts.
Oil Filling Machine has applied German technique on photoelectric sensors.
National patented double speed technique has greatly increased production efficiency.

Oil filling machine is suitable for many items,the adjustment is rapid and high efficient.

Electrical volume adjustment System.
Photoelectric inspection system has applied TURCK products of Germany.


Oil Filling Equipment Live Video

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