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Mayonnaise Filling Machine

Project Name: Mayonnaise Filling Machine

Rated Capacity:40-60BPM(based on 750ml, with 300ml, 500ml included, PEscrew cap)

Product: Sauce Jam

Filling temperature: about 82℃

Packing specification:

                                                       Containers and specifications of Mayonnaise Filling Machine
Material Shape Filling volume(ml) Filling level(mm) Neck type
PET Round Bottle 750, with 500 and 300 included Distance to Bottle neck≤25mm PCO28
Adjustable specifications of the bottle type Customers need to buy additional change-over parts for the different bottles.

If using square bottles, then bottle separating system will be added.

Packaging system
Container Label & Control Mode PVC shrink labeler Palletizing system
Hot Melt Roll-fed Half-label Packaging system Min.Spec Palletizing requirement Min.Spec
Full Label Automatic —— —– Manual palletizer ——
Manual ——

Note: above data needs to be confirmed with customer.

User Ambient Conditions:


Humidity:No dew

User Electrical Supply Specification:

Three-phase five-wire system;

F class insulation;

I. Flowchart of Mayonnaise Filling Machine

Raw material
Volumetric filling Blow molder Preform
Air purification unit
Capping Sterile air drying Sterile water rinsing Cap sorter Cap elevator
Air blow dryer Cap
Bottle body ink jet
Sleeve labeling machine Label
Full bottle conveying system Film Shrinker Case conveyor Manual palletizer Finished product storage

NoteAbove flow chart is only for reference, which can be amended by customer’s requirement.

II.Main Design Parameters of Mayonnaise Filling Machine

Item Design parameters
Product sterilization Tubular UHT sterilization  By the customer
Cap Sterilization condition Ozone rinsing ≥10s
Sterile compressed air drying 2bar,≥2s
Filling Temperature Ambient temperature
Use of filling recycle water Customers determine
Use of cap rinsing recycle water Customers determine


Above technical parameters are basic data for equipment model determination and configuration in this proposal;

Any adjustment to these data,will lead the change of equipment model and configuration

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