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GX200 High Speed Capping Machine

GX-200 capping machine is a new generation of capping machine designed and manufactured by our company for the production process of the tablet and the automatic capping process. The utility model is different from the prior rotary capping machine and overcomes the shortcomings of the speed of the rotary capping machine, such as the slow speed of the screw cap, the tight cover of the screw cap and the small range of application. In the design of the machine, a new process is adopted, such as linear entry, automatic falling cover and uninterrupted screw capping.
1.A widely used shock drop mechanism is used in the design of drop covers, which is suitable for most cap products.
2.In the design of the drop cover, the most advanced lifting cover device in the industry is adopted to avoid the noise of oscillation and fall cover, and the output is also greatly improved.

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Main technical parameters:

Model GX200 high-speed capping machine
Capacity (B/M) 50~200
Suitable for bottle diameter(mm) Φ30~120
Suitable for cap diameter(mm) Φ20~50
Overall size(mm) 1800×1000×1500
Capping device (optional) Packaging Machine
Lifting type falling cover device
Packaging Machine
Lifting type falling cover device
Cap elevator size(mm) 1080×600×1860 800×600×1700
Weight (kg) 850
Motor total power(w) 1300
Voltage 220V / 50~60Hz


Name Component Manufacture Note
Capping machine
Inverter DELTA
Photo-cell Korea autonics
Touch Screen Touch Win
interface chip USA MEX
Special rubber parts for rotary cover Shanghai
Motor JSCC
Stainless Steel Korea 304
Frame Corn Steel Shanghai Bao Steel
Aluminum alloy parts LY12

Overall Drawing

Packaging Machine

Suitable For Bottle Size

Packaging Machine

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