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Customer From Sri Lanka Bought Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine

Automatic sleeve labeling machine features:

a) arranged in order of the bottles by the conveyor belt into the machine, by the next sub-bottle screw bottle pull a certain distance from the bottle into the bottle star wheel means regularly sent turret, turret there 12 stations, through mechanical transmission settings, and to ensure that the bottle into the card-digit mating star wheel.

b) Each station turret controlled fan gear cam mechanism, the formation of revolution and rotation motion, rotation labeling requirements set in accordance with the law. However, after setting a good law of motion, and then not be able to change.

c) label station components are installed on the periphery of the rotary table, when a predetermined requirement to label the bottles by certain indexing label away. At the same time in the rotary table comes standard sweep assist device, by means of these auxiliary labels affixed to different parts of the full bottle. After treatment in the rotary table a good label, by the bottle on the conveyor belt star reincarnation to continue to the next process.

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