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Autometic Oil Filling Machine Summary

Model CGF25256 Autometic Oil filling Machine is full automatic washing-filling-cappingthree-in-one machine.It is the advanced production that is developed independently by our company.The company merges the advanced technique and filling technology of the same sort production of famous companies aboard and combines our company’s many patent technic.

The device transmit the device of the taking in bottle and separating bottle to the taking in bottle star wheel through the wind way,the star wheel bottle-clip clamps the bottle and convert the empty bottle to bottle washing machine, the bottle-clip of the bottle washing machine clamps bottleneck ,turn over along the lead rail of the bottle washing machine and then wash the bottle.The cleaned filling bottle are passed to the filling machine through the transition star wheel,the clamp bottle block clamps the bottleneck,,the filling valve fall down along the lead rail of the cam,bottleneck faces the volve port of filling valve ,then open the filling valve according  to the program so as to fill. After filling is finished,pass the bottle to capping machine through small transition star wheel,the capping clipping plate claps which clamping the bottleneck,at last transmit the beverage bottle which is capped to the conveyer belt.  And now the processing of washing、filing、capping is finished.

The device’s adopting modularization structure on design makes the operation on transmission of the device simple,improve the rigidity of transmission,,reduce the energy consumption,is easy to debug and repair and markedly improve the stability of the system. The device adopts advanced technique,equip many alarm device for jammed bottle,lacked bottle,lacked cap,excess load and etc. The performance is reliable,the process flow is scientific,the condition of food and sanitation suffices the national standards, automatization degree of producing is high. In a word ,the machine is the idea-preferred filling equipment for all sorts of beverage makers.

Outline of machine〔see Picture 1〕   schematic plan of driving〔see Picture 2〕

 Picture 1 25-25-6TD-outline of the three-in-one machine

Picture 2     schematic plan of driving



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