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Automatic Oil Filling and Capping Equipment

Automatic Oil Filling and Capping Equipment Description:
Automatic oil filling and capping equipment is a high-tech product designed and developed by King Machine. It mat suit for different viscosity of water agent, semi-fluid and paste, automatic oil filling and capping equipment is widely used in the product filling of foodstuff, cosmetics, medicine, grease, daily chemical industry, detergent, pesticide and chemical industry. Using the straight filling way, may be used in the different vessels, needn’t add any parts.


Automatic Oil Filling and Capping Machine Features:
1. This oil filling machine has compact structure, flawless control system, and is convenient to operate with high grade automatism.
2. All the parts contacting the media are made of high quality stainless steel, able to bear corrosion and easily rinsed.
3. Adopts high precision and high speed ration filling valve so that the oil level is exact with loss, ensuring high quality filling.
4. The capping head has constant twisting movement, which ensures capping quality, without damaging caps.
5. Adopts high efficiency cap tidying system, with flawless equipment for feeding caps and protecting.
6. Needs only to change the pinwheel, bottle entering screw and arched board when changing bottle models, with simple and convenient operation.
7. There is flawless equipment for overload protecting, which can protect effectively machine and operator safety.
8. This automatic oil filling and capping machine adopts an electromotor with transducer adjusting speed, Andis convenient to adjust productivity.
9. All the main electric elements, transducer, photoelectric switch, near switch,and electric controlling valve are imported to ensure the high quality performance of the whole machine.
10. The control system has functions for auto controlling of oil levels, checking and alarming for cap shortage, and team output counting.
11. All pneumatic components elements are SMC Edible Oil Monobloc Filler Capper style. Filling Machinery are designed to fill and seal small bottle.

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