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Filling machine news
  • Three Filling Machine Delivery

    Oil Filling Machine And Vacuum Capping Machine       Semi-automatic Decapper And Brushing Machine           Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

  • Indonesia Automatic Rotary Paste Babeling Machine Delivery

    Country: Indonesia Equipment: automatic rotary paste labeling machine Automatic Rotary Paste Labeling Machine Yield: 5000BPH Automatic Rotary Paste Labeling Machine Sales: Edison  

  • Uzbekistan Water Filling Machine Delivery

    Country: Uzbekistan Equipment: Water filling machine Water filling line production: 12 tons Sales: Andi        

  • Uganda customers

    I am partric from Uganda, I own a factroy making wine, because of market demand Before 3years i want add a line increase capacity, I search from Internet , from google made in china, alibaba, too much supplies made me confused, and then……

  • Azerbaijan Debugging Glass Bottle Filling And Capping 2 in 1 Machine

    Time: September 1 - 16 Country: Azerbaijan Equipment name: Glass bottle filling and capping 2 in 1 machine for alcohol Model: CGF 18-6F Yield: 6000BPH Glass Bottle Filling And Capping 2 in 1 Machine Sales: Mozzie

  • 2017 Semi-annual Awards

    Best teacher award: Jay Best Performance Award: Mozzie Best Sales Award: Andy

  • New Carbonated Filling Machine Bill From Hungary

    The New order from the Hungary cusotmers about 60 heads carbonated soft drinks filling machines are settled by our salesman Jay. Look at the pics pf below to see the customer's carbonated soft drinks filling production factory scene. ……

  • 300bph 5 Gallon Line Delivery to Uganda.

    Filling Equipment: 5 gallon line Yield: 300bph Trading country: Uganda Salesman: Kenny

  • Water Filling Machine in Uzbekistan

    Time: July 10 to July 21 Country: Uzbekistan Equipment: Water Filling Equipment Production: 30 tons per hour Straight line water filling machine Sales: Andi Debugging Engineer: Xie Lei

  • Water Straight Filling Machine in Vietnam

    Time: July 5 to July 10 Country: Vietnam Equipment: Water straight filling machine Production: 20 tons per hour Debugging Engineer: Zhu Zhaoqing


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