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  • Also welcome customer’s inquiry during Chinese New Year

    Dear customers, thank you for your support and cooperation over the years! Recently, there is a plan for our beverage filling production line in the project, please consult our sales staff at any time. The company has time off for hol……

  • Juice With Pulp Hot Filling Machine

    Juice With Pulp Hot Filling Machine Introduction: RCGF18-12-18-6 washing, filling capping 4 in1 machine is mainly used in the juice with pulp hot filling operations. The four functions of bottle rinsing, pulp filling and juice fillign ……

  • Wine Filling Machine 4 In 1 For Glass Bottle

    We offer a complete range of bottling equipment and bottle labelling equipment for glass & plastic bottles, cans & jars. For all types of users, for all type of liquids or viscous products and for all sizes of production: from tab……

  • Customer From Sri Lanka Bought Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine

    Automatic sleeve labeling machine features: a) arranged in order of the bottles by the conveyor belt into the machine, by the next sub-bottle screw bottle pull a certain distance from the bottle into the bottle star wheel means regular……

  • alibaba-award-encourages-king-machine-02
    Alibaba Award Encourages King Machine

    King Machine is KA (KeyAccount) 2018 from Alibaba. King Machine stuff will work hard to fulfill the promise of starting a business and strive to provide safe drinking beverage filling machines to millions of people all over the world a……

  • preponderance-new-filling-machine-01
    Preponderance of Advanced New Filling Machine

    1.  Advanced New Filling Machine equipped with a blocking device connect with air cylinder , when the New Filling Machine need maintance, the block will stop the bottle so that the bottle will not go into the machine star wheel to prevent……

  • 7000bph water line-01
    Mr Ruslan geladze bought 7000bph water line in King Machine

    Mr Ruslan geladze planed to set up one 7000bph water line in Georgia,after compared and visited different factories, finally choose king machine as his supplier.We appreciate for his trust and we will supply the highest standard and get w……

  • Filling Machine Customer from New Zealand

    New Zealand is a developed country and a livable place. It has very high requirements on drinking water Filling Machine.In December the engineer from PURCELL STREET WEST FOXTON, New Zealand came to King Machine for the inspection of the p……

  • 2017-2018 Manufacturing Excellence & Inovation Awards went to the King Machine

    2017-2018 Manufacturing Excellence & Inovation Awards went to the King Machine, we are proud of what we have done rewarded in the past year. it is an honor to work in a beverage filling machine manufacturing factory. we are grateful for ……

  • Advantages of New Filling Machine Two

    1, The new bottle output star wheel of New Filling Machine can be easier change now.New Filling Machine equipped with a blocking device connect with air cylinder , when the New Filling Machine need maintance, the block will stop the bottl……

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