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Corrosive Liquid Packaging Line

Corrosive liquid packaging line processes bottles less than 1,000ml in voiume with an automatic bottle unscrambler filling machine, rotary capping machine, gluing/self-adhesive labeling machine, the crossive liquid production line is a complete production line that packages and seals cartons. This fast and efficient bottle packaging machine processes strong acids and bases,bleach, Clorox, and other low viscous and corrosive liquids and applies anti-theft caps.
Main performance parameters:

1. Capacity:50ml-100ml<6000b/h; 500ml≤5000b/h;1000ml≤4500b/h
2. Bottle type: round bottle 40-100mm, height 80-280 mm
Flat bottle(40-100mm)*(40-100mm)*(80-280mm)(L× W× H)
3. Diameter of bottle opening:≥25mm
4. Filing range:50-1000ml
5. Precision:(200ml)± 1%;(200ml-1000ml)± 0.5%
6. Air pressure:0.6~0.8 MPA
7. Power Source:~380V,50HZ
8. Production line height 900mm ±50mm
9. Filing materials: hydrochloric acid products, bleach, and other low viscous liquids
10. Bottle feeding direction : from left to right


1. Only three people(one operator, two assistants)are needed to operate this production line,
2. Fast and efficient unscrambler suitable for flat and round bottles and easy to adjust for size. Fallen bottles will be returned to the elevator and the unscrambler will alert operator to unfilled bottles.
3. Servo volumetric filling machine is highly precise. Filling nozzles automatically adjust to different bottles and reduce foam.
4. The rotary capping machine is 100% qualified and rejects dented or broken caps.
5. The automatic carton opening and sealing machines are easy to operate and speed up production



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